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[WIP] - Doomguy THE Riptearer - Sonic 1/Doom Hybrid

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Doomguy THE Riptearer (WIP title) is a mixture of DOOM and Sonic 1.


But wait a minute, Sonic projects have been done before.
Yes, that's true, but not quite like this.


  This project is currently planned as a 22 map WAD that has levels based around the theme of the Sonic 1 Zones, and having Doomguy fighting demons from there.  Unlike a standard level pack, this game will have slight alterations of its gameplay as well as other changes built in.  For example, all non-weapons items will be replaced with Sonic related custom items and a possibility of newly designed Bosses added to the game, also based upon the Sonic 1 Bosses.


  The Project is in very early into development, but I wouldn't be posting here if there's a good chance it won't be created.  I've really enjoyed playing around with this, and I believe I can complete it, aiming for next year.  More details will be posted here about the changes in good time, stay tuned.


For the meantime have some screenshots (ignoring alignments).  I was going to keep the easter egg hidden, but it made me laugh too much to not show now.





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On 16/10/2017 at 10:34 PM, Walter confetti said:

Bump for awesomeness.

Why i discovered about this now?

Because I just posted it.  Might be a while till a playable map comes, but it's still under progress

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