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How do I change the D3 screen size??!

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Every time I have changed the setting in the Doom3 cfg file it makes the screen even smaller (I have messed round with the set r_customWidth and height etc...) I have tried different resolution setting. My screen is

1366 X 768. Changing it on the setting in the game options doesn't do anything either. I want to have the game stretched to fit my whole screen..
Any help would be great thanks.

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in the cfg, look for the following:


r_mode: set this to -1 to use custom width/height

r_customwidth: set this to the desired width

r_customheight: same but for height

r_fullscreen: 0 for windowed, 1 for fullscreen


D3 engine games also have a cvar like r_customaspect which needs to be tweaked depending on your resolution.


Do note that changing settings in-game after modifying these values will put the game back into 640x480, bring down the console and type "seta r_mode -1" and then "vid_restart" or exit the game and set r_mode to -1 by editing the cfg.

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