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(Music) Anybody looking for a musician to contribute to a wad?

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I'm considering pulling myself out of musical retirement, and decided perhaps it'd spark some creativity to have some maps to write music for. Some here may know me previously, and liked some of my stuff, etc etc whatever. For anybody new though, I'd like to show of some choice midi tracks (on soundcloud) I've created to give people a taste of what I can do! Here goes!

I'd Like a Word With You:

Swingin' In the Wind:


The Crystalline Temples (Sorry for the pops and glitches in this one, idk how it happened and lost the original)

Feel free to inbox me here, OR on facebook! Sorry if I am slow to reply https://www.facebook.com/jared.baldinger



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I was not, but now I am! Thank ya





After looking over this I'm honestly not too keen on doing something of that nature, I'd really like to work with a fresh, new project.

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