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Why you should NOT hate the pistol

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It's the only handgun in the game, and I like handguns - even if they're fairly weak. That's reason enough for me to not hate it (I could wish for better balancing perhaps).

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i think one of the reson why pistol is hate is his fire sound, i'm not saying the sound is bad but some more cooler sound like in duke nukem 3d for example will help a lot. just my tought.

srry for english

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4 hours ago, Da Werecat said:

Pistol in Duke Nukem 3D sounds about as wimpy. Its speed is what makes it satisfying.


And also nearly-perfect of accuracy. You can try using pistol to take down enemies in long distances. Sometimes I feel like it's a sniper pistol...

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you right about the speed. It's satisfying which is something you don't going to get in doom :-/

@Player Lin ohh i remember these times where i choose pistol instead of rocket launcher to sniper someone down, what a times

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