Worst Doom music track

I don't really dislike anything about doom. Not even the midis. I enjoy it all! :)

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the one used in bloodfalls. It's a shitty version of the one used in Monster Condo. I mean come on why have both?


Map02 is great though! haters gonna hate. The best doom music (just like any other music) isn't metal, it's all the other stuff.

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I might be biased at this point, but I think there aren't any objectively bad tracks in the OST.

I mean... if there's a right context given to them, a map that fits and lives up to the music, then even something nincompoopish like D_AMPIE can get away with an "okay" rating. That said, I still can lose my cool in no time when dissonance occurs - take those early mapsets like Hell Revealed (or both Final Doom iWads to look no further) that didn't overwrite the track for MAP23. The result is nothing euphonic, let alone adherent to a good gameplay experience.

I had a stinker of D_E1M7 for a long time, partially because I got lost with no autorun on E2M5 as a kid. I still don't have warm feelings towards "Demons on the Prey", but I can get along with it as for now.

D_ADRIAN sounds like a cheap, futile, much less intense cover for "Into Sandy's City" IMHO, but it still makes the cut for me.

"Countdown to Death" and "The Dave D. Taylor Blues" are major gripes though - I can't relate a single symptom of benevolence towards them, but at least I can finish the maps they're featured in relatively fast.

The reason I still don't hiss at either of the aforementioned? Stick your earbuds in and prepare for bleeding from your eardrums profusely:

(Not if the rest of the Keen 7 soundtrack was actually anything pleasant to listen to either.)

Ummm... I guess if back then in 1993, Doom's "Inferno" was such thing as this something is trying to describe it within its cacophonic notes of disaster, then these Boards wouldn't exist either. Point is? It is so horrible that it can't be related to any Doom map (or any game environment to be more precise) without sticking out harshly and unpleasantly to the point of actually deteriorating gameplay experience instead of adding to it* - unlike any and every soundtrack in the Doom OST if the right context is given.

*I think this is what "objectively bad soundtrack" can be defined as best.

[EDIT] @Ajora
I can relate to that.

I might also add at this point that eardrum atrocities of this tier mainly occur because the composer has the desperate urge to pull something decent off, but all they have at their disposal are irky 8bit-ish sounding "instrument" notes. Never mind, put them to good use.

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I've heard worse.



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On 13.10.2017 at 3:05 PM, Doomkid said:

I was stunned that I couldn't find a single rip of the glitched version, so I went ahead and recorded it for your listening "pleasure"




The MIDI sounds like it's dying for the first few seconds.. Almost reminds me of the agonizing sound of an NES or Famicom when it hangs or something. Without the context given by the drums and bassline it all sounds pretty damn weird. I actually kinda got a headache just recording this from that goddamn droning note right at the beginning.


That droning .... ugh. 


Why didn't it just start with the part 10 seconds later,? It's terrible. The rest is quite good it just doesn't shine in midi format.


Echoing what has been said about d2 m04 it's weird and not doom-like, and that monotonous noise used in 12 and 24.


As for d_runnin,  come on, it's miles ahead of those I mentioned above, but people are dying from being overexposed to it.

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Even without the repetition d_runnin really doesn't suit a game like Doom imo, it sounds a lot like food parlor music to me.

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51 minutes ago, Avoozl said:

Even without the repetition d_runnin really doesn't suit a game like Doom imo, it sounds a lot like food parlor music to me.

Tunes like map02 probably don't fit in either, since it's salsa music apparently.

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