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Prboom plus for Raspbian?

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While back ive read on here somewhere

That prboom plus is possible and working good on the Raspberry pi but in wondering how do i get it?

I Googled it i cant rly find anything about it.

Can some one help me out so i can get it running?

Not sure what to do now ...

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Hopefully I can end these.

Open a terminal and run this command

sudo apt-get install prboom-plus

Wads are then placed in /home/[username]/.prboom-plus (The folder is hidden so you may have to show hidden folders)


I forget if prboom still comes packaged with Freedoom but if you are getting Freedoom instead of Doom 2 you may have to use "-iwad doom2.wad"

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Thats the thing tho it seems like it was installed but i cant find prboom plus anywhere i typed it in terminal and it installed it but i cant find it anywhere to launch it Its no where to be found lol ill try the bidden thing see if i can find it then but how do i launch it tho? Im doing this thought Retropie im not sure if it even works on there but it should right? It uses Debian

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I don't think it adds anything to the start menu, but you should always be able to launch it from the terminal by using "prboom-plus" as a command.

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