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record and report, why?

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Well it has happened agian. this time for no reason at all. I am not sure if my normal account is banned or if there is a nasty bug that i have run into. i am not posting from my normal PC. I have erased the cookies, history and such. it still did not accept my password. so i used the "forgoten password" deal. it has not replied yet and i did that last night. is this a bug or am i banned.
i will not tell you my normal name here unless it is a bug, however if i am banned i would like to know why the mods feel the needed to do this to me

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well i forgot about ling warning us to change our passwords. I remeber the new password and so it works. sorry for any problems. however i think thre might be a bug, usally after i request my passowrd it comes very soon. however it has been over a day and i have not gotten the email.

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