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Intermission screen maps for FreeDoom: Phase 1

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You know how the first Doom game had each episode (except Thy Flesh Consumed) showcasing a different area, indicating where the levels took place and which ones were completed or you're about to play?

Has there even been plans for something similar to FreeDoom?

I heard (If i'm getting it right) the trick for Doom: The Way id Did's intermission was just replacing the map, with a new one, but the areas are still in the same spots, since you can't mess around with the blood spots, apparently.

Maybe i might be wrong about this, but i believe it can be difficult.


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It would look cooler but it would take more time and just be an all around pain in the ass to do. Unless we have an Intermission screen like the ones in chex quest with an animated character or something in that matter. That could be lesser of a pain in the ass i don't know.

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And yes I found a few intermission maps of freedoom phase 1 only if you play with mod freedoom delta, i dont know if that is a addon or something but yes it looks cool

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