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ArchVile Final In progress

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Well, this was one of the strangest moments i ever started drawing, i just got back from the movies , went and saw blood work , it was pretty good, but when i was in the theater , sittin in the chair , i had my paper and pencil with me (cause i was bored and knew i would be waiting for the movie to start so i brought somthing) and in the theater i jus started drawing circles , then i started over , drew two orbs wich lookd a lil like eyes , so i added to it , and low n behold i got my arch vile head LoL , thats never happend before so i added a lil more rough sketch to it , so dont worrie the final wont look this scratchy , im jus outlining the body right now and ill be filling it in more fine and straight like the head (even tho its not fine and straight yet but its gettin there) im still working on it , just wanted to know what yall thought of it .... here it is ..

**note - lower body is subject to change pose if i find i dont like it**


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yah ive been meaning to extend that , never got a chance to , the movie started before i could lol , ill be working on it more later tonight ..

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it will ;) i usual draw a skeli before i do the full body of the arch vile , jus to get his shape, but it will turn out alot diffrent at the end lol

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