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Cheats for Insanity's Brutality.

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So I want to test weapons with upgrades in Insanity's Brutality but there is no information about the commands. Does anyone know what are the commands?


'Give everything' command doesn't work, so does 'summon upgradespawner'.

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Personally, I'd open up the mod and look through the DECORATE/ZScript code. It's just easier that way if you ask me.

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Hey ;-)

If you wanna some cheats for Brutal Doom: Insanity's brutality, it's right here for you :-)

Note: In whole doom there are a lot of commands, so I selected the most useful for playing.

Make sure you have "sv_cheats" true first

Cheat code activation (enable):
sv_cheats 1


sv_gravity ### (800 is default)
sv_unlimited_pickup 1 (Disables ammo cap)
sv_infiniteammo 1 (Undepleting ammunition)
skill # (Determinates difficulty)

[#] - numeric value

Universal cheat codes:

God - Degreesless mode (special: God2 -makes you immune to everything and in addition you can't be telefragged)
Notarget - Enemies ignores you (until you attack them)
Freeze - Freeze mode (Time stopped)
Noclip - Walking trough walls (special: Noclip2 - like a ghost)
Fly - Fly mode
Kill - Suicide
Kill [monster name] - slays all monsters of the same selected type
Give ? - You'll receive something (give all -> everything but without upgrades)
Take ? - You lose something (take all -> you have nothing left in your inventory)
Summon ? - spawn something/someone in front of you (including monsters/marines)
Summonfriend - spawn friendly monster -> Monster ally

[?] - something you specify

Healing items:

(Medikit) summon medikit - 40 health
(Stimpack) summon stimpack - 10 health
(Healthpack) summon cormanhealthpack - 25 health
(Berserker) summon berserl1 - 100 hp + stronger fist power punch

(Blue healing bottle) summon glassofwater - 1 health
(Blue healing bottle) - summon healthplus - 2 health
(Better Blue healing bottle) - summon healthplus2 - 4 health
(Red healing bottle) - summon soulhealhbonus - 10 health
(Small health pack) - summon healthplusbig - 7 health (ignores health cap)

(Blue soul essence) summon lhealthspirit - 5 health & 10 armor
(Green soul essence) summon nhealthspirit - 10 health & 10 armor
(Purple soul essence) summon shealthspirit - 20 health & 20 armor
(Yellow soul essence) summon ghealthspirit - 15 health & 20 armor

(Soulsphere) summon soulsphere - 200 health
(Megasphere) summon megasphere - 400 health & 400 armor

Protecting items:

(Light armor) - summon lightarmor - 150 armor
(Heavy armor) - summon heavyarmor - 250 armor
(Light chest plate) - summon lightchestplate - 200 armor
(Heavy chest plate) - summon heavychestplate - 300 armor
(Light tech armor) - summon lighttecharmor - 200 armor
(Heavy tech armor) - summon heavytecharmor - 300 armor
(Large demon vest) - summon demonvest - 400 armor
(Large demon tech) - summon demontecharmor - 400 armor

(Green armor bonus) - summon armorshard - 2 armor
(Green armor helmet) - summon helmetarmorbonus - 4 armor
(Green armor shard) - summon armorshard2 - 6 armor
(Green armor helmet 2) - summon helmetarmorbonus2 - 6 armor
(Blood armor bonus) - summon bloodarmorshard - 10 armor
(Quake armor shard) - summon quakearmorshard - 15 armor

(Cloak Active) summon blur_sphere
(Invulnerability) summon invulnerability_sphere
(Radiation suit) summon radiationsuit2
(Night Vision) summon nightvision


(Pistol silencer) summon silencerpickup
(Shotgun silencer) summon shotgunsilencerpickup
(Rifle silencer) summon riflesilencerpickup


Default arsenal:

RifleUpgrade (Anti tank rifle rounds)
GaussUpgrade (SpiderMastermind's explosive rounds)
MinigunUpgrade (Reduced Recoil System)
ShotgunUpgrade (Faster reload) + ShotgunAutoUpgrade (Full auto shotgun)
RocketUpgrade (Homing rockets) + RocketUpgrade2 (Napalm Rockets)
PlasmagunUpgrade (Flack + Rail mode)
BFGUpgrade (Flamethrower)

Extra Arsenal:

X1212Upgrade (Faster Reload) + X1212Upgrade2 (Slug shells)

HEVGaussUpgrade (Heavy shotgun explosive rounds)
HEVSlugUpgrade (Auto Shotgun slug)
AnarchyUpgradeSpawner (Mobile turret for Anarchy-50 -> Double fire rate)
UT2004Upgrade (Homing rockets)
StingerUpgrade1 (Jumpy rockets for Stinger, kills every monster in its range)
MirvUpgrade2 (Rocket shower for Stinger)

BFG-9000 (summon big_fucking_gun)

Super Shotgun (summon ssg)
Quad Shotgun (summon quad_shotgun) -> replaces classic SSG

Doom 2016:

Chainsaw (summon chainsaw)

Grenades (summon handgrenades) - 2 hand grenades

Pipe bomb (summon pipebombthingy) - 10 pipe bombs

Pistol (summon doom2016blaster)
summon doom2016blasterspawner (Dual Wielding - Akimbo)

Burst Rifle (summon repeater)
summon apbulletammo (small bullet clip) - 10 bullets
summon apchain (large bullet magazine) - 50 bullets

Shotgun (summon doom2016sg)            
summon doom2016chargeburst (Charge burst mode)
summon doom2016grenadeshotgun (Explosive mode)

summon shell10g (small shell ammunition) - 4 shells
summon shellbox10g1 (large shell ammunition) - 20 shells                
summon shellbox10g2 (large shell ammunition) - 18 shells
summon shellbox10g3 (large shell ammunition) - 25 shells

Supershotgun (summon doom2016ssg)

Heavy Assault Rifle (summon heavyar)
summon 2016harupgradespawner  (Heavy Assault Rifle Scope)
summon 2016harupgradespawner2 (Heavy Assault Rifle Micro Missiles)

summon 2016chaingunupgrade  (Mobile turret mode)
summon 2016chaingunupgrade2 (Spin mode)

Rocket Launcher (summon rocketlauncher)
summon 2016rocketupgrade (Remote Detonate mode)
summon 2016rocketupgrade2 (Laser Burst Mode)

summon rocketammo (1 rocket)
summon rocketbox  (5 rockets)
summon rocketbox3 (7 rockets)
summon rocketbox4 (4 rockets)
summon rocketbox5 (10 rockets)

Plasma Rifle (summon plasmarifle)
summon 2016plasmaupgrade (Stun/Static mode)
summon 2016plasmaupgrade2 (Heat pulse/Flamethrower mode)

summon cell (small plasma clip) - 20 energy cells
summon cellpack (large plasma battery) - 100 energy cells
summon cellpack2 (large plasma battery) - 115 energy cells
summon cellpack3 (large plasma battery) - 125 energy cells
summon cellpack4 (medium plasma clip) - 60 energy cells

Gauss Cannon (summon gauss_cannon)
summon precisionupgrade (Precision bolt mode)
summon siegeupgrade (Siege mode)

BFG 9000 (summon bfg-2016)

Hellshot (summon_hellshot)

If this list is not good enough, you can search for the rest of cheat codes on your own. Just write "STAT", "CMDlist" or "dumpCLASSES" to see much more. If you want to identify something or someone, you can write "INFO" to your console, but you must have your crosshair aimed directly to your target for sucessful scanning.

Page Up and Page Down helps you with listing through command list.

"HISTORY" shows your last written commands and "CLEAR" completely deletes whole command list history, so you will get rid of such mess. Don't panic, commands will still work. ;-)

Hope it helps you guys and see ya next time.

PS: In upgrade cheat menu, if something goes wrong, you can instead of "summon" type "give" (like "summon BFGUpgrade" -> nothing happens -> "give BFGUpgrade" -> I have received that upgrade with the gun right now!)

Johny Armagedonn (JohnyJones51)

Edited by JohnyJones51 : Added some missing info + correction

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