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Performance Issues With Zandronum

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I'm currently using an MSI GT73VR 7rf with a gtx 1080m and i7-7820hk. And for some reason it seems as if the gpu isn't handling much of the load and even when I overclock the cpu I still get fps drops and inconsistent framerates which shouldn't be happening with this almost 30 year old game. 


Any help would be appreciated.

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You're right(ish) that Doom is an old game (24 years, not 30), but that's also the problem. Most/all source ports are CPU bound, and don't have much for the GPU to do at all, even with hardware rendering. Make sure you don't have anything in the background competing for CPU time.


Framerate isn't just a metric of how much work the GPU can do, but also how much work the CPU can give it. If the CPU is busy doing other things, it can't pass frames to the GPU either.


(As you haven't said what you're doing at all due you wrongly thinking your GPU is the only factor here, poorly designed mods can also be the cause.)

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I think I actually ran into the same issue recently, with Zandronum specifically. every few seconds there would be a brief but significant frame drop, which is an issue I haven't had on other ports (GZDoom). is that the same thing you're experiencing?

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