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Minor feature request

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I've noticed that items other than the player and monsters can be teleported by silent teleporters, but not regular teleporters. Do you think you could "fix" this? Thanks! :)

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NiGHT: could you please specify the exact linedef types that have this problem? I will attempt to investigate it. It looks to me, by looking at the code, that anything that can cross a line should be able to activate either type of teleporter. There appears to be no difference in what things they discriminate against, and yet there may be, somewhere I cannot see it yet.

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It appears to be all the original Doom 2 teleporter types, i.e. 39, 95, 125 and 126. By the way I forgot to mention that this also happens in Boom as well, so presumably that also means MBF and SMMU.

If you want an example , go to this page and grab the Boom tricks wad. In one room - which should be fairly simple to find - is a crate on a teleporter platform, and a switch. Pressing the switch is supposed to make the crate disappear, and an ammo clip teleport in (via an invisible teleporter) and then teleport out again (using a normal teleporter).

Instead, the ammo clip teleports in, but doesn't teleport out again. I know that the teleporter line is in definitely the right place, as the effect works perfectly in ZDoom.

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