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Scrap Metal new 1.1 version!

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Scrap Metal is a little Doom map in the Boom format made by me!
The "gimmick" of the wad is that its Frankensteined out of multiple scrapped maps from my hard-drive.The map doesn't have a lot of detail but its more gameplay focus so it makes up for that.


It was tested in PrBoom+ (Complevel 9) and the latest stable versions of both ZDoom and GZDoom.

The map has no skill levels.
It replaces Map01 of Doom II

It uses the GothicDM II texture resource wad wich can be found here







LeoDoom85 and Dalvi Dandy for playtesting.
Jay Reichard for the Midi.
Konami for the track the midi is a remix of.

The people that made Gothic DM II for the texture resource wad.




Fixed the stuck Mancubi




Hope you enjoy it! :D


Edited by SOSU

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Alright i tagged a sector that without it you couldn't progress.And updated the link.

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Not a lot of detail indeed. I got kind of bored of looking at these monotonous rooms without any highlights and started running past stuff. Luckily, there was more than enough space for that to work. The map also seemed to rely on lowering floors and opening doors a bit too much, it got old after a while. I guess it's decent for some quick action, but more color variety and a memorable part or two would help tremendously. Anyway, here's my playthrough.


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Pretty cool but my god do you ramp up the difficulty towards the end. At that point, I didn't even bother going for the clear and just ran for the exit. I don't think that I would've been able to clear out everything anyway since there is a severe shortage of ammo by the end. I was relying on monster infighting at a few points and sometimes I felt like dropping a chainsaw for the player would've been nice.


I liked having a lot of room to maneuver. It's a nice contrast from maps that are either really small or just contain enormous outdoor areas. The big layout change that leads into the toxic sludge pit and the huge Imp ambush was also really neat. Fun, butt-clenching map. Probably the only suggestion I'd make is carving out some designs into the walls and dropping in some more decorations. Probably mess around with the ceiling a little bit too. If there are any vanity textures in the pack that you used, maybe you can drop them along the walls here and there. Those are just superfluous details though. Nice job overall.

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DEAD   93/110   17  4/5  0/1  9:06+31
EXIT   110/110  0   5/5  1/1  13:30+33

I liked this, as with others I appreciated the wide hallways with room to move. Unlike others I didn't think it was too bare. Detail is overrated :).


I died once really stupidly, sidestepped back into token archvile sight at the wrong moment. Surprised to survive that far due to running around with <20% health for much of it. Second try finished with 3x100%.


Both very cautious runs as I had read previous comments regarding low ammo/health. At least on retry I knew where to get a chaingun sooner. Also found the one secret, it turned out to show up on the automap. The two mancubi stuck together were a bit weird but I guess a deliberate "health door". Again for purposes of ammo conservation I punched one of them out and also spent a long time waiting for monsters to kill each other. If you watch this, I suggest making use of Keypad+.

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15 minutes ago, RjY said:

Unlike others I didn't think it was too bare. Detail is overrated :).

Considering that this map is made out of scrapped stuff it would have been weird if it was very detailed :)

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53 minutes ago, SOSU said:

Considering that this map is made out of scrapped stuff it would have been weird if it was very detailed :)

Heh, true. Although as I recall the last map of Hellcore2.0 was super detailed, despite also being glued together from bits of other Hellcore maps.


But still, @stphrz's principle* could apply here. Some light sources, torches in corners with brighter sectors around them, might do wonders.


32 minutes ago, SOSU said:

Alright new 1.1 version up wich fixes the stuck mancubi!

Demo for this, 6:52. Wastes some time looking for missed ammo before the first point of no return. It might be an idea to add a teleporter right at the end to return the player to the start, in case he missed something and wants to go back for it.



* paraphrased as "all a Doom level needs to look good is proper lighting"; I attribute this to him although I can't find where he wrote it. It might sadly have been in some long-lost IRC log. I'm pretty sure he was talking about 1fifrmx at the time though.

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