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After recently rereading the glorious Doom Comic, I noticed that the final panel seems to imply that there could have potentially been a sequel:




I am, of course, referring to the second last dialogue box that says: "Victory is mine! Yet, Earth remains besieged by creatures unspeakably foul. It will take a strong man to bring the light back to this planet. A strong man with the biggest, baddest gun in the world!"


So, my question is: Would you like to have seen a sequel for the Doom Comic? If yes, how would you think the correct way to approach it may have been? If no, why do you feel that way? (Other than the 'the comic was shit and did a shitty job representing the games' argument I'd imagine some people may have)


The cover itself does say #1, which makes me think that maybe they potentially had at least tossed around the idea of a full-blown series at some point. I get the impression that the Doom Comic given out at whatever convention it was may have been a test to see if it was good enough for a series, but the initially poor reception probably killed any hopes of that.


Would you rather a sequel had been made by the original authors shortly after the first comic was released? Or maybe you'd like to see some fans create the sequel they think the comic deserves?

I personally think that if a sequel were to be produced, it should be handled by fans who love the over-the-top personality of Doomguy, the inaccurate depictions of the weapons, the monsters who mostly just stand there and let Doomguy punch them in their 'huge guts' and the half-assed philosophical lecture that comes out of nowhere. Of course, the writers would need to be able to recreate the """charm""" of the original whilst not reproducing it beat-for-beat. I think it would be hilarious to see Doomguy attempt to interact with regular people in between the excessive demon slaughter-fests. I honestly can't say if a """good""" sequel to this gloriously gory work of art is even possible; if it isn't I would still love to see someone try anyway!


If there are already some fan-made sequels to this comic, feel free to draw my attention to them. But they have to be intended as unofficial sequels to the official Doom Comic, do not direct me to unrelated fan-fictions that happen to be in comic book form.


Let me know your opinions on this matter, I'd like to hear 'em!

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5 hours ago, Skeletonpatch said:

the monsters who mostly just stand there and let Doomguy punch them in their 'huge guts'

Only the cybie really did this; and for a good reason.

They seem to put a malevolent sort of intelligence to the Cyberdemon in the Doom Comic. The thing stops shooting (which is incredible enough for any demon) when Doomguy goes at it with fists just to show off how weak and helpless he is.


Pretty much every other monster shown is a lot more aggressive; zombie troopers come at Doomguy in mobs with guns blazing, Imps try to fireball him from behind, and if I recall correctly Doomguy falls down a hole with a Pinky tackling him.

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1 hour ago, Voros said:

We already have a sequel: Brutal Doom.

Isn't Brutal Doom heavily inspired by the comic? Seeing as the voiced-lines are all pretty much lifted straight from the comic, and the gore seems to be heavily reminiscent of the gore in the comic. I always assumed that Sergent_Mark_IV wanted to apply the over-the-top nature of the comic to the game. Plus a mod for a game doesn't exactly match the criteria of what I was asking about, which is a sequel to the comic, in comic book form.

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