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Horizon lines versus huge sectors


Horizon lines seem like too good of a feature to not utilize. I have some ideas that would make nice use of them. However, using horizon lines essentially necessitates using (G)ZDoom. I don't like to restrict what source ports the player can use, especially when many people might be adamantly against using one particular source port even at the expense of missing out on a lot of great maps.


I know that it's possible to sort of emulate horizon lines in Boom compatible maps by creating enormous sectors and then lowering the ceiling. This can be problematic though if your horizon is well below your point of view, as larger sectors are needed the lower the horizon is relative to the player. Imagine having a really tall tower in the map - the pseudo-horizon sectors would need to be astronomically large.


My question is does creating enormous sectors greatly impact performance? I've tested it out very briefly but these were just in maps consisting of one tiny sector. There weren't any issues when I had one huge sector but as the map becomes bigger and more intricate, I'm wondering if it would slow down a lot. Or does sector sector size not factor into performance versus number of linedefs and vertices? Thanks.

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As long as these sectors do not contain any detail their impact will be minimal. The number of lines is far more critical to performance.


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The main performance-critical procedures in the engine are rendering and collision detection, and the engine uses such algorithms for these procedures that their performance theoretically shouldn't be affected by sector size. However, a map with a bigger bounding box will have a bigger BLOCKMAP grid and the engine will use more memory, which may factor into performance in ways that are hard to predict.

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But considering that even for large maps the blockmap is far from being the largest resource this will rarely become a critical factor.


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