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Best Doomslayer Cosplay I've ever seen

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Wait a sec....that event happened in here, Chile!!!....

I know of a guy that does a terrific cosplay of Predator....made in Chile.


EDIT: That event is called Festigame and it happens usually in August. It lasts for 3 days (generally a weekend and it's made in the first or second weekend of august) and it's the most important event for gamers in this country.

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I'm not overly interested in cosplay in general, but I'm starting to get increasingly impressed by the skill and craftsmanship displayed by a lot of cosplayers and this is sheer badassery, made all the more awesome by its portrayal of a supreme badass character.

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There was a Revenant that was pretty cool. The head and rockets were a puppet and the person inside was inside the chest.

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