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Island Of the Echoes

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This is a single level WAD that i made a while ago but never ended up publishing it until now. I'm still new to making doom levels and i'm not that used to it.

Download-> IOTEchoes.zip









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13 minutes ago, Obsidian said:

Screenshots gentlemen, please.


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39 minutes ago, loveless said:

A little more information would be helpful.  What port(s) have you tested in, complevel/format, etc.

I've tested it on the original dos version of doom and gzdoom.

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Alright, looked at the screens and had a playthrough. It's pretty good considering it's an early piece of work, with some interesting locations. A few points though:


-I found some visual errors: I've taken some screenshots of them for you at the bottom of this comment.


-The backtracking is something I'm kinda iffy about, especially considering there aren't any new ambushes opened up for the way back. It helps that the way has a decent aesthetic to it, but it's best to not let the pace drop too low.


-Nazis. It's just kinda dumb to use Nazis, heh.


I'm not gonna rag on the gameplay or layout too much, considering this is an early effort and you'll learn more as you go along. All in all, it's a good start. :)



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If you add monsters, don't forget add ammo, armor and health(I missed this at the start, while monsters attacked me and I got hurt badly). I'll do prboom+ demo, but first I need learn map layout. 

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