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Doom monsters halloween costumes.

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What halloween costume Do you think each of the Doom monstors would wear? Lets think of a good list. For me it would Go as: (incomplete for now as I must sleep)






Lost Soul: Sheet ghost

Pinkie: Wherewolf

Spectre: Slightly invisable Wherewolf

Caco: Flying Jackolantern

Pain elemental:

Revinent: Grim reaper

Hell Knight:

Mancubus: Frankensteins monster

Arachnotron:Pumpkin monster

Baron of Hell: Jason Voorhees

Arch Vile: Scarecrow

CyberDemon: Freddy

Spider Mastermind: Mother pumpkin monster

Edited by MrGlide

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4 hours ago, scifista42 said:

Thread title made me expect real photos of people in Doom monster costumes.


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Only partially related, but I love this guy's costume. There's loads out there, but this one hits the right note for me personally:




I feel almost like the zombiemen variants are already in costume, so I guess their costumes would be cleaning all the blood off their skin, having a shower and washing their clothes!

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I've always preferred the original Doomguy outfit, the new one just makes me think of Halo more than Doom, I like the Quake III Arena helmet variant also.

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Baron of Hell - Jason Voorhees

Revenant - Jack Skellington

And the lost souls, as someone mentioned, are fine the way it is. 

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On 10/18/2017 at 2:14 AM, YukiRaven said:

Baron of Hell: Princess Peach

That sounds really weird. But the baron of hell litterally has pants. So I guess it makes sense.

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Imp: Werewolf


Zombieman: Doomguy (has been heavily fined for the costume)


Sergent: Vampire


Chaingunner: Justin Bieber with a full sized battleaxe through his forehead


Cacodemon: Strawberry


Lost Soul: UFO


Pain Elemental: Alien mothership


Demon: Pig


Hellknight: Back half of a pantomime horse


Baron of Hell: Front half of a pantomime horse


Mancubus: Pigsy (you know who I mean)


Revenant: Grim Reaper


Arch Vile: Witch


Arachnotron: Spider Droid (the ones from Star Wars, come to think of it they sort of the same in terms of shape and attack)


Spider Mastermind: Wizard


Cyberdemon: Master Chief


Icon of Sin: Godzilla


Someone needs to pick their favourite suggestions from this thread and frankensprite them! They need to look homemade with materials you'd find in a real life home.

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On 10/18/2017 at 8:51 PM, Snikle said:

That way I'll feel less guilt when I shoot them.

Agreed. Someone should make a mod like this (I have absolutely no knowledge on making a Doom mod. The least I can do is make a slow AF raycaster with no detail.)

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On 10/18/2017 at 7:36 AM, Fonze said:

Tragedy struck partygoers this Halloween when a zombieman showed up to a party dressed as Doomguy caused a stampede of demons, killing several masterminds in the process. As Hell grieves the loss of its leaders we should take the time to note that dressing like a terrorist is not an appropriate Halloween costume.


Hell is in our "thoughts and prayers".  We certainly hope that Hell adopts sensible gun control in the future...

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