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darkbase UAC

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zip contoins OLD VERSION (new version 19/10/2017) to play any Demo recorde before then


vanilla level newly i create the base has been overtaked by demons



code red code red!!!! a demon army have appeared and taken over our expernimental facility and ohhhh nugget its the biggest invasion force we saw yet!!! in our base is filled with many experimental techonolgy and it must not fall into enemy hands at all cost!!!! get over there now and kill the bastards or ill put your ass on slow broil now MOVE OUT
                          bug: maybe visplane overflow on vanilla i fix all i no of but u tell me if u find any ok? ;)





UPDATE new version, fixed some texture, and elevator bug (thanx noisyvelvet 4 teling me)

Edited by xdarkmasterx

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some disjoint fdas that were recorded during this morning's coffee earlier.


I never got a finish in time so these are DNFs, but the map was still kinda fun.  I think I got to check out most of the map.


Bug: The first .lmp ends on an inescapable place.  The 2 lifts going to the yellow key quadrant can get the player stuck in the section with the shootable switch.  (I recorded in complevel 9 if relevant)


edit: also, why .rar and not .zip? come on man!

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any whay a question i put a more file into the same zip remain the demo compatability or put it the seperate download or what do you think?

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I played through a lot of this, here are some thoughts:


- There are some quite wide open spaces, in particular the area where the AV and Mancibuii are released, are quite bland. That one is particularly annoying as there is nothing to block the AV from hitting you.

- It's not clear that you can lower many of the walls. In particular the red key area is a victim of this (and lowering the highest wall reveals some texturing from the entrance and secret passage), and in the yellow key area it's not clear that trying to open the door after you pick up the key will in fact lower all the walls. This is annoying because you are then in a large area where there is nothing to block the AV's line of sight from hitting you.

- The ambushes are very harsh in general, and there could do with being some more Medipacks around the level.


Fundamentally it has the potential to be quite an enjoyable map I think, just the transitions from nothing happening to all monsters in your face is quite extreme.

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oh helo all ways if you hads trouble in a part i give tip:


- u can hide behind a computer (like i show on video) on this part, so arch vile canot hit u


-lol i know i troll onto such part ;), that is reason i put arch vile there, u have to kill wihout to lower a walls or maybe find the item which do not lower? ;)


-on lower dificulty is much more powerup and on easy even a bfg and invulnerbalaty at the end ;), u think i should maid less monster in this level too? i could make uptade for the lower dificultys


any way thanx 4 replys all who coment ;)

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