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Project Brutality video.

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Hello everyone.

Cant find a solution to get my HUD working. But then i was like ? Alright lets try something new now... ?


Playing without hud but only crosshair, you never know how many ammo you have left including life. Its fine i like it.

Here is my first map so.


So some info about how i play/do my video.


I first watch a gameplay of the map i want to do on youtube then i record my video.

No save.             

Generally 12 on 10 Difficulty or Painkiller, it really depend.

I never go for full secret, i try to kill every enemy if possible, but if i miss some its okay for me. :)


the main objective of my video are.

Fast action, skill x) Survive and finish the map first try, play smart no mistake possible otherwise i will die in less then 2 seconds :D

And well i always use this old Project Brutality version, i dont like the new one with bunch of stuff........ But i will maybe do some video with project brutality mutator.


And i only do a video of the map i appreciate.

Maybe see you in sometime for a new video ? ( i sitll have plenty of them on my YT channel, except that from now the quality of my video is better. )






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Blablablablabla another useless video from my channel without HUD and crosshair in Noob difficulty.

Cause we all know that, when you play like a noob you make tons of views, it works that way on YT. :)



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