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Why did C.Rodgers tell you not to look for the missing scientist?

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He may have known what was up, but didn't tell the player that because he felt a portal to hell wouldn't open up and murder everyone.

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Hey, you wanna know why C. Rodgers told you not to look for the missing scientist? You see...uh, never mind.

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23 hours ago, hardcore_gamer said:

I am talking about this guy: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Minor_characters_in_Doom_3#C._Rodgers


Did he know the invasion was coming? Is it just an easteregg? Why did he not want you to go find him?

Watch the mannerisms and the tone of voice. Isn't it obvious?


People were already disappearing as is, what would you do if you saw someone going to the same place Jonathan Ishii disappeared? The fact that Rodgers knew (along with everyone else on the way there) meant it was big news on the base before you even arrived. Look at your PDA once in a while and read. Crazy stuff was going on for months and months.

Rodgers also could have known Ishii was sending the transmission, but realized that trying to stop you caused more problems for him later if you told Kelly about the conversation.



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