The Terraces - visually overhauled February 2019   Download here from idgames or here from ModDB   The original release of The Terraces back in 2017 was designed for a community project that purposefully targeted a low level of detail.  As such, in order to fit within the guidelines of the CP, I always felt like I hadn't given the map the level of detailing it could have deserved, especially given the CP was subsequently cancelled.  So, taking a bit of a breather from Elementalism, I decided to revisit it in order to tidy up a few gameplay niggles and give it a fresh lick of paint.   What to expect A nice little Doom 2 city-style map originally designed as a Map 20 replacement A layout based on Central Yharnham from Bloodborne, and a visual theme that is a homage to Viggles' legendary Brigandine 20-30 minutes of not too stressful gameplay 20,000 additional linedefs of detailing A slightly shorter playtime than the original release (some superfluous rooms removed and only two keys needed to exit rather than three) Now featuring a big snake!   Readme     Screenshots