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Question Regarding Animated Textures In Vanilla DooM


DooM 2 has three animated textures that are not in DooM.  These textures are BFALL(1-4), DBRAIN(1-4), and SFALL(1-4).


I have a fuzy recollection that these three animated textures will work in DooM if graphics are provided for them. Unfortunately, it has been so long since I have used vanilla DooM (doom95 since 1996, and source ports since 2000), that I am not sure if this is true.


Can somebody confirm that these three animated textures work in DooM, version 1.666 or higher, if graphics are provided for them?


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If TEXTURE1 entries for at least the first texture and the last texture of the respective animation are provided, the animation will work in vanilla Doom 1 (going from the animation's first texture thru following textures in the TEXTURE1 list up to the animation's last texture and then looping). As long as a custom TEXTURE1 lump defining textures of the respective hardcoded names is provided, it doesn't matter whether the textures are defined to use the same graphic patches as in Doom 2 or different graphic patches.

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