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Your Favorite Weapon Mods?

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Good evening Doomers


I got a question ive been on the hunt for some cool weapon mods i havent rly found any yet exept for complex doom but that changes everything i was searching for just a mod that replace weapons only and maybe monsters 

So im curious what are you guys's favorite weapon mods to use with wads??


Can be vanilla style or OP weapons doesnt matter what are your favorites?



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I wasn't going to self-promote, but you mentioned OP weapons, and I have a mod literally called OPWeapons, so I couldn't resist. It is designed to make slaughter maps fun for those who don't like slaughter maps. It replaces only the weapons and most of the power-ups, and adds three inventory items.



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Umm, maybe not a ''Weapons Mod'' in all the sense, but I love to use Project Brutality every once in a while, the weapons are insane and fun to use, it does has some OP weapons, but its still balanced enough.

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