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Mixtapes I've made recently

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I know a lot of us here aren't really into the club music thing, but I've been working on some mixing lately and would like to share it with those who may be interested. It's genre is in the techno/tech house area. Remember these are DJ mixes. They take their time to build into the mood I'm aiming for and tracks are layered on top of each other to transition. Not that nobody knows what goes on in a mix ;)


Maybe you in particular don't care for the style of music and know somebody who might enjoy it. Please do spread the word if that is the case!


 It's dark enough for what it is that I figured I'd try to share it with you all. Thanks for listening :D


PS: No this music isn't what they call EDM these days. Not to be 'edgy' or 'hipster', but it's a bit more of the underground style ;)



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