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Any fun to navigate, interesting/cool looking, and not overly hard maps or map sets past year or so?

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Somewhat random mix of thingies to request, but if there's stuff like that of late, I'd love to play it. Just a map that is kind of fun to navigate or interesting, maybe on the smaller to medium side optionally. Also a bonus if it looks cool or interesting, doesn't mean it has to have new textures or anything but that can be cool too. And not crazy hard or slaughter-ish, as in the maps are not entirely about mowing down lots of enemies. Not like latter Vanguard maps etc, though I love Vanguard.


I love all kinds of Doom maps, well except slaughter maps aren't really my thing, but I have a hankering for something of this kind of description.


A shorter one line version of the request, just looking for anything a bit different that is cool as a map, fun to navigate, more so than cool for intricate high end combat. Thanks.


It could also be from older than a year or two, I'm just already mostly familiar with the stuff people have posted about prior to that. Looking for fun interesting stuff of this variety I may have missed lately. Thanks!


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If you are happy to play brutal doom then play my 9 map wad.


Short to medium, no slaughtermaps, ammo on the low side to appreciate the smaller encounters, unique textures, scripts and monsters etc.


Name is Operation UAC. On moddb.

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I literally just released a map that might fall into your requirements: 



It shouldn't be too stressful to play (especially on HMP or lower).

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