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Any good doom wads?

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I basically played doom wads recommended by YouTubers and roaming the internet for great wads. Can anyone suggest a great wad out there, examples of wads I played are Zen Dynamics, Winters Fury, Golden Souls, Hell revealed, Scythe 1 and 2, Vanguard, Plutonia 2, reelism, The island and more. 

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I'm assuming it's the 'Use Inventory' key, which I believe is bound to ENTER by default.


Please use better Thread titles, "Lol help pls" both gives away your young age and won't incentivise most people to actually help you. :p

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This thread will be more helpful, I think. Maybe you'll find what you didn't play yet.


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57 minutes ago, bioshockfan90 said:

w8 did this dude change the thread to save face or have i gone insane @Dragonfly

Yes @bioshockfan90, he changed it.

The thread previously read as follows:

Subject: "Lol help pls"
Content: "I'm trying to play golden souls and there's a portable medkit I can't get to work, I've looked in all the settings for all the buttongs but idk what one ist is supposed to be."

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