34 minutes ago, Labryx said:

Ultimate Doom: All of Episode 4

Doom 2: The Pit, The Citadel, and The Chasm

TNT: Metal, Administration Center, Habitat, and Mount Pain.

Plutonia: Speed, The Omen, Tombstone, The Final Frontier, and Anti-Christ.

Perhaps you misread. The thread title says "Worst", not "Best".

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58 minutes ago, Grazza said:

Perhaps you misread. The thread title says "Worst", not "Best".

If you enjoy these levels then I envy you for having fun playing them. I'll admit the Plutonia ones are a bit of a stretch though.

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Doom - Episode 3 Mission 2 - Slough of Despair.

Hate it. I think its because you start the level with very little ammo and weapons. 

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On 10/21/2017 at 0:46 PM, Herzon said:

What is your least favorite Doom level? I know, there are there are tons of crappy Doom levels. But if you had to pick one from the classic games (Doom Doom 2 Final Doom And Master Levels) that you could NEVER play again, which one would it be? I hate Barrels'O'Fun the most.

It is certainly Map22 of TNT, because I still have no earthly idea about WTF is the point of the secrets in it (obviously, because the secrets are more pointless than two short planks).


Also,  Barrels o' Fun is so hilarious but unplayable, so it wouldn't be really that one.


Furthermore, Map24 of Doom II would be the worst in Doom II because of it just being a test on how good are you at narrow ledges (and that they are purposed).

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Ultimate DOOM: E2M3 - Refinery (it's not awful, but pretty lackluster).

DOOM II: Hell on Earth: MAP12 - The Factory (again, not awful, but a bit boring).

TNT: Evilution: MAP21 - Administration Center (just plain dreadful. At least MAP22 is short[er]).

The Plutonia Experiment: MAP25 - The Temple of Darkness (annoying traps).


In the entire world of DOOM, my least favourite map would probably be MAP17 from Experiencing Nirvana.

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