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Officer D

Unreal meets Doom

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Thought I might share this here too, since I posted it on the Doomworld facebook group.

I plan to make this a full single-player campaign for Unreal. The idea is to try and keep the maps close to the originals without too many fancy

Unreal features. E1M1 is pretty much done and ready for playtesting. So if anyone still has his copy of unreal installed or feels like playing it again,

this is a good opportunity to reinstall. Criticism and bug-reports are appreciated.


Unreal Meets Doom

  • Build Time : Approximately 1 week
  • Programs Used: UnrealEd 2.1, Gimp 2.8, ModPlug, Audacity, Slade3
  • Game version this was build on : Unreal Gold 227h
  • Download : @moddb




Full level videos:


E1M1 - Hangar

E1M2 - Nuclear Plant





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Wow, that's pretty neat! It's nice to see someone messing around with older Unreal for stuff like this. I'm glad this wasn't just another "EPIC GAME REMACKE!!!!" where someone ports a level over to UE4 and it immediately gets on Facebook trending. :V

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lol ikr. UE4 remakes usually end up looking ugly af and having poor mechanics. To be fair, those are mammoth projects and require huge effort and motivation, when building it from scratch (especially when this is coming from 1 person alone). My project however will rely on good old fashion BSP level design, sprite art and Unreal gunplay. It's pretty much a clash of two games. =)

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Why didn't I see this sooner...

Officer D this is pretty freak'n neat stuff, surprised this hasn't been done sooner. 

It kind of reminds me of the days of Afterglow, Roks, Chasm, Doom to Quake TC's etc. 

Why was this not done back then?

Hell of a feat man!




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Thanx! I had a little bit of a setback. I accidentally deleted the intro level >.< However E1M3 is almost completed. Taking a break atm from this project. But as soon as I remade the intro and completed Toxin Refinery, I'll post a ready to play single player campaign beta version of this.


As of, why this wasn't done before? I have no idea =)


I did however make a E1M1 remake for the UT99 mod Tactical Ops 7 years ago. But nothing close to a TC, it was just a single map and I guess many more like this exists.


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