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DD_VOXEL 1.5.1 (DelphiDoom's Voxel Editor)

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DD_VOXEL is a tool for creating voxels for DelphiDoom.



version 1.3.1: https://sourceforge.net/projects/delphidoom-voxel-editor/files/DD_VOXEL_1.3.1/

version 1.5.1: https://sourceforge.net/projects/delphidoom-voxel-editor/files/DD_VOXEL_1.5.1/



  • Simple editing (like a paint program)
  • Imports *.KVX voxels
  • Exports *.DDMESH voxels (optimized mesh for DelphiDoom's OpenGL renderer)
  • Heighmap and terrain importing
  • Copy/Paste front, back, left, right, top and down views
  • Optimized OpenGL rendering
  • Sprite export (8 or 16 angles)

Screenshots: (using the Voxel Vehicles Pack 1.0)








Screenshot with Heightmap and terrain example:





Edited by jval : Add new version download link

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Version 1.5.1 is available https://sourceforge.net/projects/delphidoom-voxel-editor/files/DD_VOXEL_1.5.1/


This version adds the option to create sprites from voxels:

  • Sprites are exported as PNG images inside PK3 files. You must use an external tool (like SLADE) to rename the PNG images or convert them to the Doom patch format.
  • Sprite export can have 8 or 16 angles.
  • Sprites are generated using isometric projection.


Screenshots demonstrating an example of generating 16 angle sprites:








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Thats pretty cool. I could probably make a low res version of solace dreams now using sprites instead of voxels. Goodjob!

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So , I don't use DelphiDoom so the format that this program exports his voxels isn't useful to me , but goddamn ! The interface is so nice ! I actually can understand how to make a voxel here , not like VoxelShop or MagicaVoxel , so again. The interface is really good , and exporting to sprites with angles looks very useful as well . 

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