DOOM3&ROE no error patch

 i try to add monsters from Quake4 & Prey in Doom3-Roe..  for learning how scripts are working , i remove errors / warnings of maps...

doom3 maps do not have a lot but Roe is more buggy...

here is a topic : 

and in a forum about this :


as i have solved nearly all errors , i made a 7z files having corrected files and all maps recompiled . the link to the file is

the 3 txt files that are also in the exe , are the console log files .

there are warning left , some are like false positives , few others are about bugs in models.. i am not able to correct them yet as i do not know a model editor able to import/export md5mesh correctly .

i hope to ear your opinion about it and thank you in advance

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If I recall, Blender can import and export correctly.

You will need to find a proper one from Katsbits.


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