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Paranoid WAD

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Hi guys im new in the community 



I want to share my first map, its gonna be simple but pretty risky.

I hope you enjoy the whole map.

In adition, i want to find a "tutor" in creation maps for doom. I use Doom builder 2


Map Paranoid

*Based on Doom2.wad

*dont use cheats, is  an easy map designed by a novician.... be honest marines!!

*probed on Zdoom and GZdoom port.

*Play on Uv ... minimun hmp



I'll been waiting your suggests , hace a good day. :) 


Cheers Omilab!!


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It's nice that you made this map, but could you include one screenshot in your first post? I'll test your map later, when I'll have accesss to my laptop. 

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7 hours ago, Omilab said:

In adition, i want to find a "tutor" in creation maps for doom. I use Doom builder 2

Consider joining the "joy of mapping" discord channel. It's quite unlikely you'll find someone who is going to spend their time on "private coaching". That aside there's enough mapping tutorials and essays available on these forums if you use the search function.


Would be nice to know what format you made your map in, sourceports you tested with are more or less only additional info.


EDIT: Seems it's vanilla format, least it runs fine in PrBoom+



-The map is somewhat cramped together and provides no actual sense of orientation. I had to use the automap to even figure out where I was, and where I have not yet been. Sure, that's what it's there for, but some landmarks here and there I could use to tell where I am would be nice. As a result of the layout, the map plays a lot like several (64mu wide) corridors arranged in a maze-like fashion with no actual rooms in between.


-The placement of some of the powerups does not make a lot of sense to me personally. The blur sphere is entirely unnecessary, the berserk pack is nice, but would be better placed right at the start, unfortunately the map isn't particularly interesting for berserking, mostly because of how cramped it is.


-Spectres in dark hallways are nice here and there, but if they're found too often they simply become annoying, rather than interesting. Barons seem to be used for no actual reason. They are much too beefy for a map in which you can always find cover behind a corner (of which there are plenty to choose from at any given point in time). Hell knights would have been better. I don't remember seeing an actual cabinet open and release monsters on the players to trap them, for example.


-As Memfis said, the map is not quite mechanically sophisticated. Some monsters really need to be put on "deaf/ambush", or you need to use soundblock linedefs to prevent one shot from waking up basically the entire map. Height variation is something you should try to work into your map as well, doesn't have to be super huge towers, but at least some stairs here there might elevate it a bit. No pun intended.


Not bad for a first map, some of the basics are there. Now it's up to you to figure out how to make your maps more dynamic. ;-)

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You need to figure out how to use the "ambush" flag and "block sound" lines. When I open the first door and shoot, everyone in the map hears me and begins moving towards me, completely ruining the monster placement you spent time working on. That's not how gameplay works.


Structurally the level is too simple. It's basically a maze where the floor height almost never changes and all areas are dark, cramped, and similar to each other. It's not very exciting to explore it because everything is the same and there are no surprises.


As a learning experience this is okay, but now try creating something a little more sophisticated. Make a level with some bridges, stairs, lifts and towers. Don't forget that this is a 3D game, and not of the Wolfenstein 3D kind either. And give it some variety in texturing and sector brightnesses. Keep learning. :)

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I am pretty confused on this map and lotsa monsters everywhere.

Demon Here, Another Demon Here and makes it free death sentence on Hell.

Brightness is so low, it makes me to instantly edit the map and fix it.

So yea, Few hurting sectors are annoying but, good details you have.

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Similar thoughts from everyone else.  Couple of things:

1) Why the red key?  Did I miss something?

2) Was expecting a fight at the end.  Adjust the levels of the floors in the last room and make me fight to exit.  Or throw a switch in the back corner somewhere that I have to fight through to reach the exit somehow.

3) Just a pet peeve of mine, but the damaging floor section: Maybe put some kind of reason for the damage.  Even if it is just a blood floor section, or red rocks.  Something to break it up visually.


Keep at it!!!!

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Thanks for all feedback. I`m working on the BLOCK SOUND lines, and teh red key is for another part of the map. Im developing this map at the moment for gettiing better and i really want to hear your opinions. So im going to upload my improves and i really hope your feedbacks again. Thanks all. I was searching a doom community for years and now i found it so i really happy to get better with the help of veteran map builders. 


Cheers! and wait mi following updates of this map... thanks :) :DDDDD

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