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Continue my first map "Paranoid.wad"

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Hello everybody!


Its Omilab again and that is the continue for my first map "Paranoid". Yesterday some people give their feedback like sounds block, ilumination, erratic key and today in my free time i spend around 3 hours fixing details and doing more sectors. Like yesterday, i hope you people play my map and give me your feedback.

In adition im gonna put more details of my map:


1) The map is created in Zdoom in Doom Format in doombuilder 2 platform

2) The map works in gzdoom and Zdoom

3) The map at the moment doesnt have the 3rd skill levels.

4) Try to dont use cheats on my map and tell me how about the experience.

5) in the huge area of this map i want to give you and advice: DONT PICK THE COMPUTER AREA MAP....




Im glad for present Paranoid.wad for you, this map is going to get bigger and better on time. I hear your advices,feedback and impresions :)










Screenshot are taken in no monster mode....

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I recorded video for you. It's blind gameplay so I died a lot of times. yeah I could re-record this map, but I'm lazy these days to do this again. Actually, I'm not a fan of maze and I found this quite unfair. Also, you could reduce archvile count and add more revenants or pain elementals. Why yellow door area is doesn't have exit or more places to go? Also, yellow marked doors locks player, maybe change it in repeatable in case if player wants check unvisited places. 
I recommend analyze your favorite wads and check how hey created stuff. Also, you could try find person, who could help you in mapping stuff.


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thanks fot play the map.... i found bugs in it so im gonna fix it. Maybe improve the textures on the maze zone and reduce the monster o yard sector. Thanks for all.... but Haruko in few words; do you like the map? did you enjoy while playing?

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Well, I see potencial in you, so I don't give up on mapping. It was quite hard, but I liked experience. Yeah, I couldn't ask more for mapping newbie like you ;) 

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