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doom shareware

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this is the first version of doom i had owned, however i dont remeber the exact version number. here is the description

E1M4 still had the swastika.

came as a cd version without deice, instead u typed "install d: c:"
and it really just copied the files.

slightly differnt music and sound effects, pitch i guess

rockets set off "trip lines" or swtiches u walked over, useful in E1M9 to lower the lift in the secret room by the exit.

E1M1 was not constructed to have 666 linedefs, also in ultra-violence the enemy placement was different. a imp was in the secret passage above the zig-zag room, he lay behind the passable wall. also as part of the 666 linedefs, the switch on the pillar was no there.

E1M3 the switch to the soul sphere passage was more tricky. the trigger was at the intrance of the hallway at the bottom of the steps. this only alowed u to get to the soul sphere door in one shot( couldn't reach the other door) to reach the other secret door u had to exit the soul sphere room.

also health maxed out at 199

armor would pass beyond 200

E1M4- was a little different in terms of enemy placement

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I can't say exactly because of what you say about e1m3, and I'm not sure about e1m4, but it is a version previous to 1.2, the last one with varying sound pitch, but which has the present characteristics of the e1m3 megasphere secret.

Check ftp://3darchives.in-span.net/pub/idgames/historic/ for the old shareware versions.

Fooling around there with v1.2 I noticed the powerup pickup sound didn't exist back then; the normal item pickup was used for the megasphere.

I'm not altogether familiar with the older versions, since I started playing DOOM with doom2 v1.666 in '95, I think.

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I read that there was something about that courtyard in E1M3 where there was another switch that operated the floor of the slime pit on one of the sides. THey took it out because if you hit them in a certain order, it would end up shooting through the sky.

I think I'm going to get me a version of the shareware right about now.

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myk said:


You mean the soulsphere... the megapshere is the Doom 2 only power-up that gives you 200% health and 200% armour.

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You mean the soulsphere... the megapshere is the Doom 2 only power-up that gives you 200% health and 200% armour.

Totally... oddly I was thinking about the two names as I read Sephiroth's post (and not because I thought it was wrong in his post.) But then again, in the same post I said I started playing with doom2... seems like I forgot I had the shareware before that, which my brother got in a supermarket or something for $3.

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I remember that, especially the rockets set of the trip thing, i wondered why i couldnt do it when i finnaly got the registered version

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