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Paranoid Map (Final Vertion of this map)

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Welcome all.... 


Here is Omilab again. Few days before i started a topic sharing you all my progress in the development of my first map of doom.. Paranoid. I hear a lot of advices, feedbacks and a member has the amability to play and record this map in order to give a deep opinion of that.

Today i release finally mi first map of doom (Paranoid). Its gonna be a hard map, maybe you die a lot but i aprreciate you test this map. Bunch of enemies, traps ,teleports hell furniture and more will wait you in paranoid map. I want to remark the suport of   Myst.Haruko  for being helpful..




I hope you enjoy this map and have panic and stress dealing with it....




1) Map is created in Zdoom in Doom format

2)created in doom builder 2

3) works on Zdoom and GZDoom

4) The map uses the DOOM2.WAD files

5) No jump, no mouse look.


here are a screenshots, the screenshots was taken in "no monster" mode.... I waiting 4 your opinions!!! REMEBER THAT THAT IS MY FIRST MAP!!! :)












Paranoid final.zip

Edited by Omilab

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I was updated the last file becasue he have errors... try it now and tell me what do you think about it

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looks good


i gonna to try 


good this is my opinion


first i see a hom bug with the sofware mode


the yellow key can be difficulty to found


and the place of icon of sin brain ......


my opinion


but is your first map good job!


Edited by Gaia74

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1)its curious... that bug in yor screenshot doesnt appear when i play it in Gzdoom... idont know. behind that unexistent texture is a cyberdemon.... 


im confused :D


2) The yellow key its so hide in order to obligate  the player get into the maze 

3)the barin is good hahaha ;).


Thanks for test my map im very happy. im feel good you like my map man but tell me sincerely, did you use cheats? or you finish it legaly?



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only one cheat iddt


its difficulty search the yellow key card 


but anyways good map

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One thread per map is enough, by the way: edit the OP to contain the most recent version (important), edit the thread title to indicate that a new version has been posted, and make a new post in the thread.

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