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Gustavo's MIDI Pack (GMP) #6 - Say Hi to the Hat

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You waited.

And waited more.

The wait is delayed

And nothing would happen, other than the bore[dom]...



Then you waited... a little more.

And something happened.

What was that?

Gustavo was back, and everyone imagined...

"Wow! What did he bring other than his hat?"

I say hi-hat!



I mean, Gustavo's MIDI pack is back! Sorry, I can't resist doing some poetry sometimes.

Get the ZIP now!


Inside parens are projects that the song are part of; bolds are remixes of others' projects and italics are merely inspired.

Songs Included: 9

  • Wheelburn (MaxPrix)
  • Vindication
  • Steel Sharp (Steelbox)
  • Prairy
  • Run (Unreal Tournament)
  • Majestic Breath
  • Flanking Death
  • Brown Alley (Unreal - ISV-Kran)
  • Alien Amazon


This time, for convenience of both sides I won't provide individual downloads.


Have fun, and audite in gaudium!


(CC-BY 4.0 International)

Edited by Gustavo6046

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You're welcome! I'm always open to critics. Also, all you need to do to use my music is to add my name in the credits, or anywhere, really. That's all! :)

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