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Hectic X 1.1 My First Mod

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Hello guys!!


here is my first mod Hectic X 


This is a more worked version with more new bosses and bugs fixed and yes rebalanced


and what I said earlier


Hectic X is a mod with new enemies, new weapons, new powerups, Some enemies has new attacks with decorate made for me, and yes ........ new traps, for example a baron can be a bruiser demon


Is hard some replaces of cyberdemon is very strong


can played with every map why the mod use vanilla


and i give credits for the sprites which are not mine


This all files need


The Replacer and Enhanced Classic Weapons


The monsters


and new weapons



can use weapons mods with my mod only charge all but the weapons file no


need skulltag content of course and some weapons the secondary fire


some items can spawn allies :D


have a good day and sorry for my bad english D:


i accept construtive critics :D


some images




Bonus : I'm a little young for make this xD

My mod 1.png

My Mod 2.png

My mod 3.png

My Mod 4.png

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