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Doom Is 25 Years Old Next Year

Which Is The Better Boss?  

34 members have voted

  1. 1. Out Of These Two Bosses, Which One Is The More Enjoyable Boss?

    • Cyberdemon
    • Spidermastermind (aka Spiderdemon)

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Doom is one of my favorite games of all time. I remember seeing my brother load it up on the computer for the first time and being super shocked by all the blood and gore considering the games I was used to. Now, and I basically know everything Doom related and know every single secret on Entryway in Doom 2. And its turning 25 years old. Because of that, please share your favorite Doom memories! I love hearing weird stories about Doom because there are tons. My biggest memory was seeing the Pinky Demon for the first time and freaking out. I was dumb.

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Whenever in my life there has been something troubling me, the issue at hand would always manifest in my dreams as a Cyberdemon. Doesn't happen much anymore but it speaks volumes about the influence and the fear it introduced me to as a child.

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the cyberdemon is definitely the better boss overall, but i personally have a heck of a lot more fun fightin the big ol' spider :(

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Yes, time is running very fast. I even remember old times when we played dm/coop Playstation Doom with link cable with friends.

Also I voted for SM. But this is very depending on monster placement.

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