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ZANZONE: Shareware Multiplayer Community Map Project (ALPHA SERVERS UP!)

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(Moved over from Wads & Mods)

(Discontinued, Possibly looking for new project lead..??)


Slow, but steady start! Welcome aboard to the one and only; ZANZONE! Read below for some extra details


ZAN-ZONE! (Or Zanzone)


What the heck even is this?: 

Well, Zandronum already has a lot of WADS on its playlist, but very few of them manage to be cooperative based, and even fewer use more "Advanced" Features, you know? And an even FEWER tend to not be the best maps you'll ever play, why? Well it ain't no ones fault here, just the fact that Tackling something like this can be kind of difficult you know? This is suppose to be a 8-10 level Episode featuring maps that utilize 8 player spawns, Advanced port things, and More advanced Line actions. Doesn't get a lil sickening when your ability to jump or crouch is limited on all those servers because the map format isn't exactly compatible? Don't you want a little more freedom as well as some different gameplay gimmicks thrown in the mix? I think it all sounds pretty good!


Mapping guidelines?:

  •  You can map in any format that you are comfortable with. Boom mappers, I'd recommend to try Zandronum in Doom 2 format, it surprisingly isn't all that different from Boom format. I'll even accept HeXen format as well, UDMF too.
  • All Submitted maps MUST include 8 player starts, and account for jumping and crouching. I wont accept no jump or no crouch. Does that mean you made a bad map? No, I just would like to piece this all together to release a more advanced map set requiring a little more than circle strafing skills. Its not mandatory to include jumping or crouching, just make sure it doesn't break the map if done so. You do not have to account for double jumping or rocket jumping, if it breaks the flow of the map, you don't need to do anything about it since it'd make figuring our progression through a level much harder.
  • Levels have no set themes or difficulty progression correlating to map number. Map 1 is a training map to prepare players to face the worse. From there on, The players are expected to do their worse to the invading demons. You can make a map as easy or hard with any given number, it will not matter. Themes don't correlate with map number either, its all about what you can come up with creatively.
  • Newbies encouraged and welcomed. This is expected to be an amateur map set, I'm not expecting anything to blow this out of the water, unless you just so aim to do that. Just don't make a terry wad, and have fun mapping! (Don't make your map suck either, I'm looking for fun game play, not looks)
  • I'll say it again; Focus on your game play! Is it fast, slow, in between, or something else? You can detail your maps as much as you'd like, just make sure the gameplay is nailed down.
  • Custom skies are allowed. Anything here; simple 256x128 sky texture, 6 sided sky box, UT style sky box (thing 9080 in a sector with scrolling clouds), anything is allowed as long as you credit. (Mechadon's box o' skies has mountain textures and a lot of good looking sky textures)
  • Custom Textures are allowed. Put a Prefix of your DW or Discord name before the texture name, I don't want misplacement and conflicting files. Please credit and identify where the source is from so we don't have to look around for it.
  • Do not let ACS or UDMF Actions rely on Enemies or most interactive actors. This includes decorations, obstacles, enemies, weapons, key-cards, power-ups, ammunition, health and armor, ZDoom Marines, light sources, teleports, and player starts. Do realize that mods tend to break these things by accident. For example; If you made a Cyber-demon open a door to progress after it gets killed, It may not open to allow the player to progress with some mods only because of bugs and such. ZDoom specific actors such as sector action things can be used though. You can also use friendly Scripted Marine things for Dummy sector magic.
  • Aim for Mod Compatibility! Test with as many mods as you can, make sure no map becomes halted from certain things not going on. Some mods have double jump, you don't need to account for it (Since its meant to break certain maps by expanding where you can go). If your playing a very early alpha/beta or broken mod, you don't need to account for anything that goes wrong within the maps, since the mod itself is unstable.
  • ZDoom marines and MBF dogs are allowed only as friendly units. It's fun having these guys as combat assistance. Don't use those actors as enemies, as they aren't well balanced for siding with the enemy, same with the dogs. Use only with either friendly Strife logic or friendly MBF logic. (I'd really reccomend MBF So they don't follow you all over the place annoyingly)  
  • Include MAPINFO for your submissions. (Self Explanatory)
  • Maps must be balanced for Pistol start multiplayer. If the player dies a lot in single player, that is fine. Since this is multiplayer orientated, provide enough for players to use if you decide to make the start of the maps very difficult.
  • Take inspiration from other multiplayer wads like DBZone. There's plenty of good examples of multiplayer levels and creative ideas as well. Go ahead and use it as inspiration. (If one of you makes a train level, make it good!)
  • Wolfenstein theme required for ZANSEC. Contrary to what I said earlier, this is the only level required to have a theme. It must be Wolfenstein themed with textures and SS soldiers. Geometry wise however, is up to you. A blocky level isn't required, you can make a rounded nazi tower for all I care.
  • Custom Midi's/MP3's/OGGS allowed. Including a midi file is mandatory. The Mp3/oggs will be included in a separate pack as an "Add-on". (Hopefully making this ID games eligible.)
  • Main texture resource is 32in24-15.tex That will be our base for more beautiful textures.
  • ACS scripting is allowed. Take advantage of it! Just be careful, don't force it upon enemies and things like I said in my earlier bullet point.
  • Must be possible to obtain 100% Kills, items, and secrets. Completionist Galore here, You can make the secrets as hard or as easy as you like. As long as you hint the player in some way or make it almost obvious. It must be obtainable in any way besides mandatory double jumping.


IWAD: Doom 2

Map format: Any, Includes 8 player starts, accounts for jump, accounts for crouch

Difficulty Focus: Ultra Violence


Map list:

ZAN01 "Crispy Hillside" - UAC-Janitor (Working)

ZAN02 - (Undecided) - kyle2959 (Working)

ZAN03 - "The Gray's" - Zerolizer https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByaJh0OmUFLfUTB3N3hTdGNrR1U

ZAN04 - (Undecided) - MiFU (Working)

ZAN05 - (Undecided) - Francis (Working)

ZAN06 - (Undecided) Samuzero15tlh (Working)

ZAN07 - Nobody

ZAN08 - (Unknown) - konamikode

ZAN09 - Nobody (Optional)

ZAN10 - Nobody (Optional)

ZANSEC - Nobody


Cut maps:

ZAN01 "Asteroid Station" - UAC-Janitor https://www.mediafire.com/file/qjdsb8nppu0jzg0/Asteroid Station.zip

ZAN?? (template) - Nikku4211 https://www.mediafire.com/file/15n0cxuo883cu5z/ZANZONENIKKU01.zip


ZANZONE Music resource File:


(Required for now to hear the game levels soundtrack)


Main Resource Wad:




Playable Demo, 4 Maps (Load with music and texture packs)



NOTICE!!!: Maps are referred to as "ZANXX" so load up from ZAN01 and the rest should be good.



Interested Mappers:

Zerolizer (Discord and DW name)


MiFU (Discord name)

Nikku4211 (Discord name)

Kyle2956 (Discord name)

jdagenet (Discord name)

Samuzero15tlh (Discord name)


Discord link (Come and Get involved yo! ) :



SERVER INFO: [TSPG] Painkiller: Project ZanZone

Password: (Join the Discord to find out! ^)

Hurt me Plenty Difficulty







Edited by UAC-Janitor : Doing some edits... for reasons...

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I have far too much on my plate at the moment but I hope to see more contributing to this!

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On 10/27/2017 at 7:59 PM, Doomkid said:

I have far too much on my plate at the moment but I hope to see more contributing to this!

we all got alot on our plate zappakid

; )

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EDIT: Nevermind, thought it was something for Deathmatch.

Edited by Sayok6

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