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Is there a Doom community in NYC?

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Moved to Brooklyn recently and my friend and I have been talking about trying to get a crew together to play survival/Zandronum on some WADs or have something like an id games night. 


Not sure where this thread belongs but I was having trouble finding similar stuff via search.


Depending on interest I could host as I got a fairly spacious 1 bedroom.

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About a decade there was a small one in Manhattan. A few people from the Bronx and Queens were also around. No idea where they went, but there hasn't been a 'real life' meetup in at least 7 years.

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There are quite a few NYC players, not sure how many of them you would actually WANT to meet though. I think most of the bigger names from NYC have stopped playing in recent years, and haven't been around, or are currently locked up in prison.

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1 hour ago, whitemage said:

damn that sounds pretty gnar


i just wanna rock some Death Tormention 3 Survival w the homies

If you thing finding people to play Doom 1 and 2 in NYC is hard, try fingind ''ANYONE'' in my country of even CA.

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It seems like you would be able to find some retro gamers who you could interest in joining you, even if they aren’t Doom fans currently.

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