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Dutch Doom Dudes

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Well, I can't read the site, but for all our Dutch speaking (or reading in this case I suppose) readers, you can now get all your Doom 3 news in your language of choice (if your language of choice is Dutch of course).

I really like to announce the first Dutch Doom III site is launched. Our site is still looking for some employees.

So there you go. Mordeth will be pleased. YES!

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This is what the front page says:

"Op deze site kun je allerlei artikelen vinden over Doom III."
On this site you can find all types of articles about Doom III.

"Doom III is een van de mooiste games die in de maak is."
Doom III is one of the most beautiful games in progress.

"Met het uitgebreide licht een schaduw systeem is het kwijlen als je er naar kijkt."
The extensive light and shadow system is something to salivate over.

"Wil je meer informatie kijk dan op deze site, en bekijk ook de nieuwtjes hieronder."
If you want more information you can find it on this site, and you can also see the latest news below.

Maybe I took a few liberties there. :-)

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Voor het eerst voelde ik me even speciaal...
maar toen kwam Metabolist zodat iedereen het kon lezen!

curse you!

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