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Another reason why i still believe Sgt Kelly was working against you from the start

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Upon exploring the revisited "Mars city" area there is a radio transmission as follows:


Specialist Wilson:"Command HQ, this is Specialist Wilson. My team is gone - they're all dead. I'm running blind here, what are my orders? Over."


Sgt Kelly:"Specialist Wilson, stay sharp son. Move to your last known RP and secure your positon - we'll find ya"


"we'll find ya"- Makes my blood run cold every time i hear that.


Kelly stated later on in the level, during the video link up, that he could establish a command post and communicate with other Marine teams in Delta. Now later on, in administration, the player comes across a mortally wounded marine who informs the player there are still a few squads operating. One of these teams being Bravo team, who seem to be doing a competent job at surviving against the invasion themselves. Now i assume "being the greatest fighting force in the galaxy" the other squads still operating are putting up a competent fight against the invasion as well.


So its pretty clear that the surviving teams are both mobile and competent at keeping the invasion at bay. The demons were able to inflict great casualties mainly because of the surprising nature of their attack on a mostly immobile fighting force at the time (just study the Franco Prussian war for learning the effects of not bringing your troops to the front in time). So I assume the surviving teams had more of a chance to mobilize themselves or were already on patrol and thus partly ready for an incoming attack.


So back to Kelly, if Kelly had the authority and communicative abilities with the other marine teams, just what the hell kind of orders was Kelly dishing out? Are we really expected to believe that all those surviving teams (who have done okay up till this point) are killed off quickly and in near enough the same time as each other? The fact that they are killed off in quick repetition of each other is evident of a conspiracy against the marine teams, as if it was organized somehow. It seems Kelly was knowingly directing the other teams into ambushes and insurmountable situations. We see just one of these cases happen to Bravo team when they reach Enpro and I assume  the other Marine teams (e.g fire team 2) suffered the same fate, as well as poor Wilson.


Looking at how Kelly handled the situation, it seems very reasonable and methodical (in a very sinister way) which adds credibility to this idea. The other Marine teams were competent fighters ("Greatest fighting force in the galaxy") and were mobile. They were either a threat or a thorn for the Demons because of this and therefore needed to be strategically taken out of commission, and brute force wasn't working. Its safe to assume the Marine teams were operating outside of the concentration of the invasion and were being very careful to avoid being taken by surprise. It was an excellent idea then to lull the marine teams into a false sense of security by having them be directed by their esteemed commanding officer and guide them into the concentrated areas of the base and into traps with this false sense of security.


An objection might be aimed at why (if this idea is to be believed) why did Kelly lead Bravo team, who were supposed to send that infamous transmission to D00M earth, into a trap if he had plans for them in the first place? Literally right before that segment, when Bravo is wiped out, the player has just killed a very powerful elite tier Demon - the Vagary. He has thus proven his strength to hell. So plans must have quickly changed to be more efficient:

  • Kill bravo team
  • send this powerful warrior to send the transmission
  • focus all attention on his annihilation (now all the other teams are dead) after he has sent the transmission

Can you imagine what both the player and a squad could do if they joined forces? Kelly would not want to think about that so he quickly puts Bravo out of commission (when he realizes the player is very powerful) just before the player can link up with them. Its more efficient because perhaps the Demons know the player is capable of more than a single squad is and would take much more effort and force to neutralize. So they continue to systematically expend there efforts to get rid of the other marine teams, once that objective is complete, literally all of hell is cast down upon the player. This is supported by how the game's pace drastically picks up after the communications center and we witness the first time Betruger uses his influence to try and stop the player by destroying the monorail bridge (to kill or push him into the recycling center) and also to try and poison him inside of the recycling center. This pace seems to stay consistent throughout the rest of the game as the player moves through the base, as by now all the other marine teams are dead and the only opposition remaining is the player.

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Yeah, indeed. Given that Betruger is corrupted, I wouldn’t be surprised that other officials from the Mars installation are also corrupted. Must be the toxic Mars environment warping their thoughts. Other guys, like Councillor Swann or Campbell are arrived from Earth, so their background is different.

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I don't think he was working with the demons from the start. It makes no sense the demons would attack his marine teams when said marine teams want to send the distress signal which Betruger wants to actally happen, if Kelly was on Betruger's side all along. I think Kelly was friendly until he was take over by the demons at some point.

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Kelly was only a sergeant -- he was just following orders from superiors. If he was sane, there were possibly more corrupt people higher in the chain of command.

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