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(For D-TOUCH) How To Update Your PrBoom+ to

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Hey guys!

Ever wanted to update the PrBoom+ in D-Touch to latest version (

Here's the way!


What do you all need is :

  • D-Touch 4.1
  • PrBoom+ files
  • Any IWAD

You can get D-Touch at Amazon { Sorry, no link:-( }

Link for PrBoom+ :


You can get Doom, Doom II, Final Doom at the internet or download freedoom in D-Touch.

Step 1 : Click on the link above.It will bring you to PrBoom+'s download directory.

Step 2 : Click on win32 file (See below)



Step 3 : After clicking it, it will automatically download the file. Wait for it.

Step 4 :Go to your Download folder and unzip the file.



Step 5 : Go to Beloko/Doom/Full . Search for 'prboom-plus.wad'.Delete it.


Step 6 : Go to your freshly extracted prboom-plus- folder then copy 'prboom-plus.wad' and paste it to Beloko/Doom/Full folder.

Step 7 : To know if your PrBoom+ has updated or not, go to options.The  fonts should be different with the original Doom (If you are using FreeDoom,it is harder to know because FreeDoom has it own fonts).

It should look like below:


Original Doom:



PrBoom+ :



Step 8: ENJOYYY!!!!

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The file prboom-plus.wad is just a resource wad, which can be compiled with or without propietary Doom fonts (Beloko chose with). That will not update, in any way, the binaries themselves.

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1 hour ago, Litrivin said:

The file prboom-plus.wad is just a resource wad, which can be compiled with or without propietary Doom fonts (Beloko chose with). That will not update, in any way, the binaries themselves.

Not really. I watched a video about Prboom+ and the fonts are same as the original Doom. Then I watch Prboom+ and the fonts are same as above. 

Thank you for the reply. 

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40 minutes ago, ASDFDOOMERFROMMODDB said:

eh, how? it really works... maybe is very very very minor update. lol

Not really:

Quote  @ 2016-Jan-10

[+]Added "Fix clipping problems in large levels" option.

[+]Added "gl_finish" config variable.

[+]Added "mus_fluidsynth_gain" and "mus_opl_gain cfg" config variables to fine tune output of fluidsynth and opl2 midi. Values allowed are 0 to 1000. 50 (default) exactly matches old behavior.

[+]Added a "Health Bar Above Monsters" option (health_bar* config variables).

[+]Added a "Things appearance" automap option. Possible values: "classic", "scaled" and "icons".

[+]Added "notarget" and "fly" cheat codes.

[+]Added MBF's "-beta" codepointers.

[+]Added a new HUD.

[+]Added "shaders" sector light mode.

[+]Support "Classic Doom" WAD files of Doom 3 BFG Edition, by Fabian Greffrath.

[+]Support for HACX 1.2 IWAD, by Fabian Greffrath.

[+]Support up to eight joystick buttons instead of just four, by Fabian Greffrath. The fifth and sixth buttons are mapped to strafe left and right.

[+]Mouse look now is available in software mode.

[+]Added a crosshair. Three different crosshair graphics are for choice: cross, angle and dot. Extra features are changing crosshair colors according to the player's health and/or on sight of a target.

[+]Added "Allow Jump" option on "Prboom-plus 'bad' compatibility settings" page. Implemented by Fabian Greffrath.

[+]Added a "Backpack Changes Thresholds" option.

[+]-skipsec accepts a minutes prefix followed by a colon.

[+]Two-key strafe50: StrafeOn + MoveLR = strafe50

[+]Added "Allow Vertical Aiming" option on "Prboom-plus 'bad' compatibility settings" page.

[*]Update to newest SDL libraries: SDL_mixer 1.2.12, SDL_image 1.2.12, SDL_net 1.2.8.

[*]Brown color for weapons that cannot be fired on weapon HUD widget.

[*]"Use GL surface for software mode" mode now works much faster if gl_finish is 0 in config.

[*]process_affinity_mask config variable is removed. Single CPU core will be automatically forced if SDL MIDI player is used.

[*]Better support for Chex Quest, by Fabian Greffrath. Embed chex.deh by fraggle in prboom-plus.wad.

[*]Redo MBF-style multiple DEHACKED lumps. Load command line DeHackEd patches after DEHACKED lumps.

[*]Improved rendering precision (wall wiggle), by kb1.

[*]Realign automap grid with blockmap.

[-]'Max Health', 'Max Soulsphere' and 'Megasphere Health' DEH parameters did not work after warping to level from command line since

[-]Buggy invulnerability effect if hi-res textures are used and there is no support for GL_ARB_framebuffer_object.

[-]Simple shadows flicker during lowering lifts.

[-]"Change palette on pain/bonus/power" settings did not work.

[-]Lines of walls on automap were not displayed on Planisphere 2 at some zoom.

[-]Fixed HOMs on Planisphere 2.

[-]Incorrect clipping of automap in opaque mode after changing view window size. Affects only software mode.

[-]Fixed long wall error.

[-]Boom's ability to change floor and ceiling lighting independently was not applied to things in opengl.

All you are doing is updating the resource wad. You aren't actually updating the binary with any of its changes.

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The binary in doom apk are in diferent version so it wouldnt be easy to replace, except if you know how to  convert them. :-/

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