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A little demon-infested hub

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Decided to publish my first complete Doom II map for everyone to try. Would appreciate to hear what you think about it:)


There we have several rooms that will require lots of running around them and that will occasionally require gnawing the way through demon crowds. My personal weapon of choise at such times is chaingun as I find it overly satisfying to use in Brutal Doom but it's all up to you:)


That's intended to be played with Brutal Doom v19 (other versions or mods or vanilla will probably be fine but I didn't test it that way). Used Zandronum as port. You are not supposed to jump, that would get you directly to the last room and break the flow. File weights too much for the forum because of the music, so here it is:



zandronum 2017-10-29 20-27-11-27.avi_snapshot_00.52_[2017.10.29_20.29.30].jpg

zandronum 2017-10-29 20-30-11-94.avi_snapshot_03.50_[2017.10.29_21.06.47].jpg

zandronum 2017-10-29 20-30-11-94.avi_snapshot_04.45_[2017.10.29_21.08.43].jpg

zandronum 2017-10-29 20-30-11-94.avi_snapshot_06.19_[2017.10.29_21.10.03].jpg

zandronum 2017-10-29 20-30-11-94.avi_snapshot_09.21_[2017.10.29_21.16.34].jpg

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On 30.10.2017 at 3:52 AM, Walter confetti said:

sure this looks dark and gritty... going to check it!

Not really that gritty if you don't use dark sector light mode as I do:) 

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Not bad for first map, i see worst one and this one is pretty good. Anyway gameplay stuck a lot, you need find out how to add enough ammo and health and not make the map too much easy or hard. For example you put arch-vile little bit early and without proper ammo and health which make the fight pretty much annoying and not enjoyable. Allways make sure then when you put harder monster on map that player have enough ammo and health to fight them. Texturing wasn't bad, you will improve in this while finish more map but i want to give you advice. When are two different textures on same wall try to make some nice transition between them, it will help to make the map look better. Try to improve your layout skills, remember that layout is key for great map. Thats pretty much all from me. Good job and keep up


Sorry for english

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Thank you very much for feedback:) I'll put the advices to use.

Besides I just realized that the archvile problem is actually a flaw of layout (the player is not obliged to go right first, to a horde of ammo-sprawling zombies in front of an anyway closed door). I should be conscious of different ways the player may take.

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