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Problem with obituaries in slade

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Hello. I am making a monster similar to a Baron of Hell. I have made a custom obituary, and whenever I get killed by it, it just says "PLAYERNAME died." I tried making it like "PLAYERNAME got bruised painfully by the Baron of hell", but it just simply says "PLAYERNAME died." Here's my DECORATE script:


ACTOR HellCardinal 4948
  Health 2775
  Radius 24
  Height 64
  Mass 2000
  Speed 9
  PainChance 50
  SeeSound "bos3/see"
  PainSound "baron/pain"
  DeathSound "baron/death"
  ActiveSound "baron/active"
  Obituary "$O was bruised by the Cardinal of hell"
  HitObituary "%o was painfully mauled by the Cardinal of Hell."
    BOS3 AB 10 A_Look
    BOS3 AABBCCDD 3 A_Chase
    BOS3 EF 8 A_FaceTarget
    BOS3 G 8 A_BruisAttack
    BOS3 G 8 A_BruisAttack
    Goto See
    BOS3 H 2
    BOS3 H 2 A_Pain
    Goto See
    BOS3 I 8
    BOS3 J 8 A_Scream
    BOS3 K 8
    BOS3 L 8 A_NoBlocking
    BOS3 MN 8
    BOS3 O -1 
    BOS3 O 8
    Goto See




Any help is appreciated.

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Should be "%o", not "$O". The "$" character makes it try to look up a string from LANGUAGE lump, which breaks the message completely.

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On the subject of obituaries, is it possible to give a MapSpot fired projectile a custom obituary? I tried adding one but it still just says the player died. I think it has something to do with the projectile not being from a monster, so the only solution that comes to mind is spawning a fake monster (no frames, doesn't count as a monster) which then immediately spawns the projectile and vanishes. But maybe there is a better less hacky way?

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