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Official Compt-N demo out of sync?

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Hello all. I can't seem to be able to run the "UV Max" for the MAP31: Pharao, available at the doomwiki, without it getting out of sync a few seconds after it starts. I've tried it on both chocolate-doom and crispy-doom. Can someone please confirm this? I don't have the vanilla executable, so I can test it on MS-DOS. Only source ports.

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Thank you. Playing with the PWAD instead of the source port fix, fixed the demo.


EDIT: Correction: The source port has nothing to do with it. It's my specific IWAD version that has this bug fixed.

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Note that there are actually four possibilities for compet-n demos that feature TNT map31, and that desyncs are possible if the wrong one is used. Details (along with others) in this post.


That is, some demos require the patch to be used, while others require that it is not used. And some are -complevel 2 (regular Doom2.exe) and others are -complevel 4 (Final Doom's Doom2.exe), and may desync if the wrong one is used.


Edit: by the way, the reason why simply editing the map to add in the yellow key doesn't work is that the patch also fixed some node problems. And that's also why using the patch will cause a desync if it is used to play back demos recorded without it, even though they skip the yellow key entirely.

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