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Doomworld's thread of adorable!

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Doomworld, we have threads for pets, random images and other such things. Now here is a serious chance to share adorable images! After face melting demons prepare to have your hearts melted by this thread!


Fat cats are adorable!



Have this basket of kittens!


Corgi Cloning Facility clones too many Corgis!



Man manages to fall into puppy pit with carniverous canines:


Fortune smiles upon thee... in giraffe form:


Whotter U looken at?



Edited by geo

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My best little bud catching some zzz's...



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You can never go wrong with baby capybaras.



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10 hours ago, Ajora said:

<video of baby deer and baby kitten>

D'aww! Look at that baby deer fawning over that kitten!

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On 11/2/2017 at 1:08 PM, Myst.Haruko said:

My uncle's cat.



That cat looks almost exactly like Bandit, one of my cats from many years ago. She had to be one of my favourite cats...


Bandit herself is long dead (the story behind it is very depressing, so I won't drag this thread down by writing it), but we still have her only remaining offspring:




Damn, not even a low resolution can keep him from being cute!



This post originally didn't have the photo because of:


[There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200]


I posted the issue on the error report thread and Linguicia fixed it!


Edited by Skeletonpatch : Problems uploading the photo got fixed.

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1 minute ago, Altazimuth said:


It's adorable! But... What is it? It looks like an aardvark-armadillo-komodo dragon hybrid...

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