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What is your average WPM?

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Around 80-85. I use a rather idiosyncratic touch typing technique where I don't use my pinky finger much and both hands float. It's a completely intuitive sort of thing and I cannot type worth a damn if I think about what I'm doing. Also I heartily recommend IBM or Unicomp keyboards for anyone seeking to increase their typing speed.

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@Woolie Wool Yeah, I also touch type without using my pinkies much.  The one exception is for the right ctrl and shift keys, and when I'm on my laptop, the End key.


I had an IBM Model-M, but I can't for the life of me find where I put it :-/  What I would really love to have, however, is a keyboard modeled after the Space Cadet keyboard.

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Sometimes I see mine go as high as the 120s and as low as the 100s, depending on what I'm typing and if I'm thinking about it too much.

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