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Help editing Sprites



I'm making a mod with smoothdoom monster sprites, and i have a problem. I hope you can help me!

 The steps i'm doing:


1 - Use Slade to open th pk3 and convert all the .imp files to PNG1024 with doom palette color

2 - Decompress the PNGs

3 - Edit with Photoshop


4 - When i save the PNG, it loose its coordinates

THINS I KNOW I CAN DO (The problem itself)

1 - Open again the pk3 and select one sprite, right click on it and select import (replace the .imp with my .png) Do this to the thousand sprites one on one (mmmm :-/)

2 - Drag the pack of PNGs into the pk3, open with slade and put manually the coordinates (uuuuh 8-/)


My hope questions:

1 - Is there a way to save the PNG and no loose the coordinates?

2 - Is there a way to replace all the sprites in Slade all together or to aplly the correct coordinates

3 - I'm wrong in all i'm doing and is threre another better correct way?


Thanks and regards!

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i made manually one on one as i seid. however, slade became a great tool and all it's done.


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Slade has the ability to automatically set image offsets. Just select all the images in Slade and click Modify image offsets. There is an option to set them as monster offsets.

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