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Doom went weird on me...

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So, I'm playing Doom again, same as before (but on middle-difficulty instead of easy for a change.)  I play on a PS4 in campaign mode.  

The problem started with the "Hell on Mars"  level in easy mode.  The environment was different this time through; doors that used to open into interior spaces are just inert, no red locked or green open lights... just dead doors.  I know they used to open because I know what used to be behind them ( like the "greenhouse" with the 3-level stairs. )  Also, the big square blue force field with equipment inside, hanging over an abyss... Now the force field is off and the equipment is gone.  Additionally, in the map, when I try to cycle through the objectives, there aren't any; it just squares off over my current location.  

I tried re-starting the level, but nothing had changed.  Finally just gave up and shut down Doom altogether, reloaded it, erased that game slot, and started over from the beginning.  

I'm not sure what level I'm on right now... it's near the beginning, indoors, all industrial looking; it has those high-speed elevators you shut down and then climb the cars, and I'm looking for a yellow keycard to get into security and open an airlock.  Anyway, again, when I go to cycle through the objectives in the map, there aren't any

What's happened to my game?!

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You're in Resource Operations. I think the objectives only become available in that level, and I don't think it's right at the beginning, and you're not too far in, but I could be wrong.


Did you update it to 1.11?

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Not sure about your issue with the objectives, but it sounds like part of your problem is that you may have been confusing the Argent Facility (the "Beginning of the End" chapter) and Argent Facility (Destroyed) ("Hell on Mars") levels. Both levels' layouts take you through the outdoor area you describe (with the parked freighter and the entrance to the hydroponics room), but in AF (Destroyed) the force field and freighter are gone, and you cannot enter most of the doors you could in the first Argent Facility level, including the greenhouse.

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